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Telehealth 101 Pediatric E-book

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The Telehealth 101: Tips for Implementing Telehealth Intervention in Your Pediatric OT Practice e-book is the best telehealth resource guide for OTs!
If you are a pediatric OT looking to transition to telehealth, this 64-page PDF digital resource is filled with practical information and tips. It will save you hours of research as you explore how to get started in telehealth. More than a decade of telehealth experience was referenced during the writing of this e-book. This guide was designed to be used by OTs to facilitate the transition to providing OT telehealth services in the school-based setting. However, much of the information in this book is applicable to telehealth in pediatric clinic or home-based settings, as well.
Chapters in this book include:
  • Telehealth Defined,
  • Telehealth Technologies,
  • Ethical Considerations,
  • Telehealth OT Evaluation,
  • Telehealth OT Interventions,
  • Lessons Learned,
  • Advocacy, and Resources

There are several digital links to helpful websites and resources throughout this e-book as well.

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