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PowerPoint Template for OT Pediatric Sessions

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Planning telehealth sessions, finding online resources, and communicating with caregivers about materials to have on hand during the session can be incredibly time consuming.  A customized PowerPoint to guide sessions can significantly save time planning and prepping telehealth therapy sessions.  Creating a template where all activities included in the PowerPoint are therapeutic and allow the child to pick from choices listed (with the expectation the child/caregiver gathers the materials for the activity selected), greatly reduces planning and prep time for telehealth sessions. 

This customizable PowerPoint template can be used as a tool to guide OT sessions with school-aged children.  Use and/or modify the contents of this OT Therapy Session with images and activities aligned with the child’s goals.  Update as you go through the session (for example, change the font color of an activity/website during the session as a reminder to incorporate the activity the following session).  If using a handwriting workbook, update the page # as you conclude the activity to know where to start the next session.  Save the PowerPoint at the end of the session and your planning for the next session is done, with the exception of sending additional worksheets or printed materials (if any).

Product comes with a PowerPoint Template for OT Pediatric Sessions (8 slides of content areas with graphics) and an Instructional Guide.

View an instructional video, Tips and Tricks to Reduce Planning Time for Telehealth Sessions with an overview of this product on the TelehealthShare YouTube Channel: